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BC Seeds Strains

    This information is presented in an effort to help educate the masses with the hopes of keeping more unsuspecting people from being ripped off and taken advantage of...

    Every now and then we still get the occasional person asking if we have "Euphoria Unlimited" or "Elephant Bud" or some other BC Seeds strain. We are proud to say.... No! Bc Seeds does a great job writing effective ad copy, they do a great job with online marketing, they do a great job at damage control, they do a great job at counter attacking all the people that call them on their lies in various forums, and they do a good job paying people to post positive things about them in various forums. They do not have any breeding skills however, and the millions of dollars they claim to spend on research and development is probably spent on advertising and damage control.

    Looking at facts can help people realize the truth, so here are some facts to help form a more informed opinion.
1) You will not find "Euforia Unlimited" or "Elephant Bud" at any reputable dispensary. If these strains are as high in THC as BC Seeds claims, then wouldn't every dispensary want to carry these strains? It's not like people in the medical marijuana industry can't afford the expensive seeds.
2) You will not find any BC Seeds strains at any coffee shops in Amsterdam.
3) BC Seeds has never won an award such as the Cannabis Cup for any of their strains. Clearly BC Seeds is "in it for the money", surely they realize that the credibility and reputation they would receive from winning the Cannabis Cup or other contest would dramatically increase their sales. Surely they know that if they really had a strain of marijuana that consistently tested over 30% thc that it would be sure to win any cup.
4) The pictures that are posted on their website are obviously touched up. Notice there are no close ups showing the trichomes. A marijuana plant with a 30%-50% thc level would be coated in trichomes, why don't they show them? They claim to spend big money on research and development, surely they can afford a good camera and photographer.
5) Any marijuana strain with a 35% or higher thc level would have to be so coated with trichomes that you would not be able to see any green plant material when looking at a bud, it would appear white, not green. Again, where are the pictures supporting these claims?

    Here's some more simple and straight talk... We sell quality products from reputable breeders and our good reputation is very important to us. Because of this, it is in our best interest to help educate the consumer.

Calling out BC Seeds & any BC Seeds growers

If anyone can bring forth a BC Seeds strain that tests higher than 30% thc at an independent lab we will pay for the test, remove this page, and give you $500 and an honest apology. BC Seeds and BC Seeds growers, we're calling you out, anyone want to step up and bring it?

    I have received hundreds of emails from people that have purchased seeds from BC Seeds seed bank. No one has come forward with any lab test yet though. After reading through hundreds of these e-mails from people that have bought and grown seeds from BC Seeds and then emailed to tell me of their experience a common theme has emerged... About 95% of the people that e-mailed are newbies that have been growing for less than 2 years. All of them say that the seeds produced a very good product. Almost all of them say that the seeds were not at all worth the over inflated price. Some of them sent pictures of the final product and all of the pictures that I have received range from absolute crap to pretty good in regards to crystal coverage.

    Here is what I have concluded about BC Seeds, of course I could be wrong. I think that BC Seeds purchases seeds from other seed companies such as Nirvana Seeds, Greenhouse Seeds, Dutch Passion and others. Then BC Seeds takes the seeds they purchase from reputable breeders and they grow these seeds out in order to make more. Then they slap a $500 to $7,000 price tag and a whole bunch of hype on the seeds that they originally purchased for $25 - $100.

This is a list of most of the "magic" marijuana strains sold by BC Seeds.

Alaskan Delight
Altitude Bud
Berry White Elephant
Big Green
Big Momma
Blue Elephant
Blue Tooth
Cactus Sweet
Cactus Sweet X New Da Purps
Crystal Storm
Cupid Bud
Da Purps
Dessert Baking Bud
Early Fatty
Elephant Bud
Elephant Purple
Euphora Express
Euphoria Unlimited
Fairy Land
Fast and Furious
Fast Sweet Dreams
Gaijin Ganja Japan
High IQ Bud
Indica Fifty THC
Infinite Bliss Bud
Infinite Euphoria Bud
Infinity Bud
Jack Frost
Jedi Death Star Bud
Jumbo Shrimp
Kali Elephant
Kali Misty X AK47
Kali Skunk
Korean Skunk Unreleased
Labyrinth Bud
Liberty Bud
Love Buzz Bud
Low Sweet Runner
Mt. Everest Skunk
Northern Flame
NYC Queen
Oracle Bud
Pickle Bud
Purple Princess
Purple Sativa
Purple Wreck
Quebec Gold
Rock Haze
Russian White Stoic
Sativa Sphynx
Skunk Advanced
Storm Trooper Bud
Super Shit
Sweet Diesel
Tighty Whitey
Ultimate Altitude Bud
Vampire Bud
Weight Buzzsters
White Diesel
Galaxy God Bud