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Hawaiian Snow

    Alaskan Ice is ready for harvest in 9-10 weeks after in is put into the bloom stage. Alaskan Ice is a stretchy sativa that will triple in size in it's first 3 weeks once put into bloom. You can expect to have to provide support to some of the branches as the buds fatten up if all goes well. Alaskan Ice will get large indoors and out if you give it a sufficient vegetative time. It is a very good strain for screen growing.

    The Hawaiian Snow does not like a high nutrient level. In particular, in the bloom stage you should start off around 1000 ppm and should not go over 1300 ppm for about 3 weeks. In other words, wait about 3 weeks after you put it in bloom before you start jacking up the nutes. Hawaiian Snow can handle 1800 ppm's in both the veg and the bloom stage but you should build up to it slowly.