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   Big Pie Pot recreational marijuana is grown at 8,200 feet elevation in the Colorado Rockies. This Colorado recreational marijuana is grown in soil, not hydroponically. Hydroponically grown marijuanna often tastes like the nutrients the plant is fed. Our MJ is grown with organic nutrients and is flushed with clean reverse osmosis water for a minimum of two weeks before harvest to give it a nice smooth taste. It is cured for one month. After that the buds are placed directly in the glass jar they will be sold in. The buds are handled as little as possible so the crystals stay on the bud, where they belong. Big Pie pot is packaged in glass jars with the Big Pie label. I'm not going to tell you that we have the best bud or the highest quality weed, that's a tired old sales pitch. However, I've been growing marijuana since 1986. So although I'm not going to tell you that our mj is the best, I invite you to sit back, open a jar of Big Pie, and decide for yourself.

   Because of the fast changing laws in Colorado the focus of this site has changed to be primarily informational. Having 25 years experience in growing, I felt as though it would be a waste not to share what I know. Much of what I know is fairly common knowledge to seasoned marijuana growers, so I'm primarily going to stick with tips that I feel will benefit people the most and don't seem to be well known.